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Top 5 Romantic Destinations in Mussoorie to take your Valentine this Valentine's Day

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

So Valentine's Day is here and we all love doing something special for our significant other during this season, as a display of love & affection. But more than just gifts, Valentine's Day is about creating unforgettable experiences, together. What better way to create new memories together than bringing your Valentine to the Queen of Hills - Mussoorie. 

Here I've compiled the top 5 super romantic places for you to take your Valentine, if you're planning to get him/her to Mussoorie:

Breakfast at Char Dukaan

It is a small place near St. Paul's church, where you can cherish panoramic views on a telescope at Lal Tibba. Go for a walk with your partner, to enjoy the beauty of this area. Let the early morning sunshine kiss your skin, while you enjoy the tea, coffee, paranthas, omelettes, pancakes & waffles; that this cute little place has to offer.

Brunch at Cafe de Tavern by BrentwoodBrunch at Cafe de Tavern by Brentwood

A cafe' situated right in the mouth of the Mall Road; it has the best coffee, nostalgic English classics playing at the back, a menu named after famous personalities with their affiliation to Mussoorie and beer. Yes, you heard it right...BEER! You need to take out your Valentine for a nice brunch here.

A Must-Visit: George Everest

With the Winterline still visible, George Everest offers you a 360° view of it from the top of Mussoorie along with a clear view of the valley below. The place is full of serenity and peace; and this would mean a lot of quality time to spend with your date.

Watch a sunset together at Cloud's End

If serenity amidst nature does the trick for you and your loved one, then a trip to Cloud’s End is a MUST! Set on a beautiful stretch, Cloud’s End is perfect for taking long walks amidst the stunning environs of Mussoorie. Offering you a spectacular setting for some fantastic photography, you must wait to watch the sun dip here – which is a surreal experience!

Camping at Brentwood Sanctuary

I want you to read this and picture it: Early morning treks, Bird Watching, Bonfire, camping tents, mind off the monotony that life's kept you both busy with; and beautiful chats under the blanket of stars. This place is deep in the woods yet safe and offers you the perfect privacy that you're seeking out with your partner.

Hope I added a few unforgettable memories & experiences in your To Do list. I wish you both a very Happy Valentine's Day. May the Love forever grow amongst the two of you. 

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